Human Motion Studio

Now you can make amazing human motion animation of all kinds of intricate movements to demonstrate important events like pedestrian collisions, stabbings, officer involved shootings, fist fights or anything else that needs to be animated to tell the real story.

FARO Reality: Underground Garage Collision

Advanced Linear Momentum

Terrain Handling with Google Maps

FARO Reality utilizes Google data, and other satellite imagery, to link survey points for true 3D terrain modelling. By integrating measurement points with satellite imagery, the user is saved hours of tedious work - and time is money.

Roll Over Animation

In FARO Reality creating a rollover scene is incredibly easy. Use full 360 degree pitch, roll and yaw controls to roll and flip the vehicle the exact way you need to. Use interim animation positions to time the roll perfectly. Sync the rollover with a crush profile for maximum effect and accuracy.

Driver View Animation

Place driver view image of vehicle interior for realistic driver view animations

Create Vehicle Models from crash scene

With Reality, by ARAS 360 Technologies, you can easily create models from your point cloud scans and then re-position them to recreate the exact pre-crash positions.

Crush calculation in one minute with Reality

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