Opening, Starting, or Saving a Project-File


You must begin your experience with FARO Reality by going under the file menu to Preferences and setting certain options on and off. First, be sure to click in “UI” (User Interface) as this will allow some important options to be set. The “General” section is where you will set your Units. Please browse the options carefully and check back often. For example, you may wish to change your Auto-Save frequency, etc.

  • It is here that you can set your logo so it shows up on all reports in Reality.
  • It is here that you decide what you want to see when the animations run.

So, be sure to start your experience with Reality by visiting the Preferences menu and browsing through the options.

Start Form

The first time you open Reality, you will be presented with a quick start form. Here, you can create a new project, open a recent project, view the help files, or visit If you do not want to see this form on start-up, check the “Don’t show me again” checkbox. This form can always be re-enabled on the Preferences menu.

Starting a New File:

When opened, FARO Reality always starts off with a blank project. If you already have Reality open and want to begin a new project, go up to the mini menu and click this button:

Tip : You will be prompted with the option to save your current file before the new project opens. You will be able to assign a filename and choose a save location.

Saving your File:

FARO Reality does use an auto-save feature, but you may wish to save your work frequently using different file names (i.e. “Save As”). Auto-save, if selected, can be set to 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

To save, go to the Mini Menu and click on this icon:

You will have familiar options to enter a filename and choose a save location. By default your files will go to the Scenes folder of the arashd folder located in your Documents folder.

Tip: Try saving your important project files with 2 different names. Alternate each day or every few Saves. This will help minimize loss of data should you experience any electrical or computer issues.

Opening a Project File:

If you want to reopen a saved project in FARO Reality, start from the File menu (Reality logo in the top left) and choose from the list of your recent projects.

Like most programs, Reality does have a default save location (specifically, the FARO Reality folder located in C:\Users\USER\Documents\ArasReality. Or, you may select another location to which you may have saved your project. Once you select the correct file, the project will open.

Saving a Project File

Tip : To open an FARO Reality project, always launch FARO Reality first, and use this process.

If you require any assistance, please contact support at 1.877.814.2360 or send an email to