Reality General theme

Starting from the camera icon on the left:

  •   1. Camera: click to save an image of the screen view.
  •   2. Picture in Picture: Takes a snapshot of the current screen view and places the resulting image on the scene.
  •   3. Copy: when clicked it saves a copy of the screen view to the Windows clipboard so you can copy and paste work done in ARAS Reality to Word, Powerpoint, etc.
  •   4. New Project: click to start a new project.
  •   5. Save: Saves your project (see also Auto Save under Preferences on the file menu).
  •   6. Open: Open an existing project.
  •   7. Undo: Undo last operation – up to 10 previous operations

Tab Menu Option

To find the right tools, use the modern Tab style interface which groups tools in easy-to-understand categories. Simply click on the Tab that best describes the functions you are about to attempt.

  • 1. View : Display grid layouts, layers, lightings, custom sky, main panel, animation camera and additional functionality like "placing camera in scene", camera modes, dimensions switch from 2D to 3D.
  • 2. Draw : Drawing tools like setting points, arc, line, polyline, polycurve, uploading & customizing images, adding text, measure tools, snipe lines, surface between lines, aspect lock, ortho lock and many more..
  • 3. Models : Loading custom models,loading model from database, vehicles, person, single person(motorcycles, recreational vehicle etc.), lights, emergency vehicles, road signs, equipments, commercial vehicles, public transportation, boats, buildings, wildlife, military, CSI, furniture and symbols.
  • 4. Special : Custom signs, evidence markers, staircase, scale bar, traffic light genius, photo link etc.
  • 5. Measurement : Import point logs, triangulation logs, coordination logs, point code library, navigation option include 2D and 3D.
  • 6. Point Cloud : Importing point cloud, layers, selections(Rectangular, polygon, clear selection), Export file, virtual survey, create surface, snap, delete etc.
  • 7. Animation : Animation camera manager(customizing speed, recording frames/set, loop delay etc), recording controls(stop, play, pause,forward,rewind etc)
  • 8. Print : Various printing options like print diagram, print area, print current view as image etc.
  • 9. Analysis : includes momentum, simulation, crush, crime and other controls.
  • 10. Help : links to knowledge base articles, video links, sun/moon calculation, contact support team etc.

If you require any assistance, please contact support at 1.877.814.2360 or send an email to