FARO Reality: Overview

The FARO Reality program has been designed and developed to facilitate all the functionality needed to create incident scene drawings, create 3D scene environments, perform crash reconstruction calculations, generate 3D animations, and other functions integral to computer based incident investigations. The software has been specifically designed to be very intuitive, easily learned, and easily taught to others. The software engineers at ARAS 360 have worked to ensure that operations that are complex and time consuming in other software products are fluid and fast in ARAS Reality.

For most user operations, simply click on any object in the scene. The properties panel for that object will appear on the left and the grips for the object will activate to allow on-screen editing.

In most cases there is a right-click menu for selected objects to allow standard functions like cut, copy, paste, delete, add parallel, add to current layer, etc.

If you require any assistance, please contact support at 1.877.814.2360 or send an email to support@aras360.com.