FARO Reality


Who needs Reality ?

The short answer – you & every other crime investigator, crash reconstructionist, and District Attorney wanting to utilize the most advanced forensic reconstruction software in the industry.

Is saving time important to you?

Reality, like all other products by FARO Technologies, works for you – not against you! With an intuitive user-friendly interface and 64-bit capabilities, Reality will help you finish your professional animations and get back in the field in a fraction of the time of any other software application you are currently using.

What about money? Is saving money important to you?

Have you recently upgraded to a top-of-the-line 3D laser scanner only to find that the native software isn’t able to provide you with the results you need? Wouldn’t it be nice to see an actual return on investment for your scanner? Enter Reality - import up to 2 billion scanner points with only 64GB RAM. Still using a total station? Reality works with most of the electronic measuring devices to ensure that you will continue to get a ROI on your total station purchase.

Worried about not appearing professional in court?

Rest easy. Reality, by FARO technologies Inc. is a 64-bit application capable of working full-time in 3D and point cloud environments to create realistic court-ready animations and diagrams. The images created by Reality will knock not just your socks off, but also the socks of any judge & jury you might need to present to!

For details regarding each of the tools and features in Reality, Click here to watch our videos

FARO Reality • Basic Features

Powerful 3D-Animation tool

FARO Reality's powerful animations allow you to recreate your scenes right inside the point cloud. Add models, animations or simulations all without ever leaving your scene.

Include Google 3D Terrain

FARO Reality includes direct integration with Google imagery including Google terrain data so users can choose to generate digital terrain models of any crash or crime scene from total station data, google terrain data or point cloud data.

Having Reality software means you do not need any other software application for CAD drawing, 3D-modelling, crash and crime analysis, 3D-animation and simulation, Point Cloud management, or crash reconstruction calculations.

CAD Drawing Engine

FARO Reality is a complete CAD engine with full 3D-modelling, no other CAD programs are needed! Point cloud scenes can be enhanced by using both 2D CAD shapes and complex 3D shapes with an intuitive drag and drop approach. Reality’s powerful CAD engine allows users to design and model highly-complex 3D scenes quickly and easily.

Crush volume calculation

FARO Reality has a fully validated method of analyzing scanned vehicles to determine crush volume and calculate energy loss and EBV.

crush volume pointcloud

Crush volume calculation

FARO Reality includes direct compatibility with most of the standard measurement systems allowing users to download directly from many total station or data collector.

Complete Physics Based Analytical tools

Reality provides a complete suite of physics based analytical tools including both linear and colinear momentum, off tracking articulation and crush analysis.

Reality also includes a program with over 400 validated formulas.


Universal Compatibility and Data Integration

Direct integration of most measurement systems including point cloud scanners, total stations and data collectors.

Import billions of point cloud points, total station points, or enter manual coordinates or triangulation points.


Environmental Effects

Reality, by FARO Technologies offers realistic environmental effects. Users can easily turn on fog, rain, and snow complete with density and wind settings, position the sun to the correct time of day, or quickly create night-time scenes using headlights and streetlights.


FARO Reality • Unique Features

Advanced Features

  • Digital terrain model generation from any imagery or measurement set

  • Automatic suspension effects in animation and simulation

  • Complete control of environment: rain, fog, snow, sun position
  • Place driver view image of vehicle interior for realistic driver view animations

Point Cloud Features

  • Allows import of billions of points in 64-bit systems, showing your scene at full density
  • Allows creation of point cloud models from point clouds for use in the same scene or new scenes
  • Allows animation of point cloud models
  • Layer controls allow you to show just what you need from your point cloud

What seperates FARO Reality from FARO HD

  • 64-bit system provides 200 times faster point cloud management and allows download of up to 2 billion points while viewing the scene at maximum density.
  • Point Cloud tools allow model generation, layer management, auto crush calculations, point density control and more
  • Advanced 3D animation effects like vehicle suspension, vehicle lighting and more.
  • Advanced terrain modelling - includes Google terrain
  • Advanced user interface and simplified procedures
  • 3D-simulation with any scene including point cloud
  • Advanced 3D scene modelling

* Please note: Videos have been optimized for web viewing and are of lower quality than original Reality output.