Importing / exporting

total station pointsImporting measurements directly from any total station, hand held data collector, or points file is easy. Simply connect to the total station, click on the download icon within FARO Reality, complete the download, and draw your scene in minutes. Some of our many supported formats include raw, csv, txt, nik, rw5, and dxf, among others. Your points can also be exported as a CSV file should you need them for use in another application.

  • Auto point connection by common descriptions or z,x coding.
  • Auto color assignment of points based on descriptions.
  • Auto generation of point log report for court.Total Station Points
  • Click on any point to activate measurement log.
  • Incredibly easy point set merging – as many sets as you like.
  • Combine total station points with any other type of point system  - like photogrammetry points.

Your scene is instantly drawn for you – then use FARO drawing tools to enhance the scene into a powerful 3D model!