real time 3D Linear Momentum


  • Real time Momentum Analysis on your diagram.
  • Allows for multiple friction zones.
  • Calcluates friction based on vehicle rotation and braking.
  • Curvi-linear or spline departure trajectories.
  • Reports results, including solution steps.
  • Automatically generates 3D animations of your momentum results.

Take a look at the demo movie above. Notice that in our Linear Momentum tool, you can click an object, move it around, and all the calculations update automatically. But don't take our word on how easy it is. Book an online demo today and see it in action.

Works on your Diagram

Momentum Genius works directly within your diagramming work space, allowing you to see the results instantly. The Momentum Analysis can be performed on any diagram, from any software package.

Graphical Momentum Analysis

User friendly momentum analysis, Momentum Genius, allows you to perform a momentum analysis by simply placing the vehicles at their impact and rest positions, and then placing the grips of the vector system at their relevant positions, and any movement of vectors or positions will change the values in the properties box, allowing for a real-time sensitivity analysis.


Real-Time Sensitivity Analysis

Graphical sensitivity analysis allows you to adjust vectors, and Momentum Genius will update the results in realtime.


Based on the 360 degree momentum solution, Momentum Genius has been verified both mathematically and by crash tests. It has proven to be the most accurate solution available.

Vehicle Specs Database

Use the Vehicle Specifications Database to enter exact weights for the vehicle, passengers, fuel and baggage, resulting in a more accurate reconstruction. Vehicles weights can be entered manually or by selecting the exact vehicle from the integrated vehicle specs database.

Advanced Error Checking

Momentum Genius calculates and analyzes important considerations such as common velocity. It allows you to get feedback right away such as common velocities at separation (calculated at the damage centroids). This check, among others, gives you a real advantage over users of other applications.

Momentum Genius solves for impact speeds, delta V, pre impact speed, post impact speed and other important results, in seconds.

This is the state of the art solution for the reconstruction of intersection crashes, or any two vehicle crash, where the approach angle is > 30 degrees, and the mass differential is < 4:1.

Users must have training in the application of linear momentum to use this tool, so the interpretation of results, and court testimony, yield successful outcomes.

The Momentum Genius tool is a live, graphical solution with real time sensitivity feedback.

It automatically measures angles and distances from the live vectors, and updates the results instantly, so that as you adjust your vectors, the results window updates in real time. This tool allows you to calculate pre-skid velocity, impact velocity, and post impact (separation) velocity, and many more important output details, for verification via other calculation processes. Momentum Genius measures distances and angles, in real time. It allows multiple post impact deceleration zones, and curvilinear departure trajectories.

Multiple Friction Zones

Momentum Genius enables the user to add multiple friction zones, which makes it possible for the reconstructionist to allow for different road surfaces, as well as for secondary impacts.

Curvilinear Departure

Many times vehicles depart impact in one direction, but the direction changes when the forces of the impact dissipate and tire forces begin to influence the vehicle direction.
Therefore, Momentum Genius enables you to position your departure vector based on the true departure angle.

Advanced Reports

Momentum Genius provides detailed reports of your Momentum Analysis, that are professional, and can be used for presentations in court. Reports are available at the click of a button. The fifteen page report shows all the math, in real math terms, and is court accepted everywhere.


Momentum Genius Animations

ARAS 360 HD animates your momentum results immediately and automatically. There is no need to convert your momentum to an animation.

3D Momentum

Momentum Genius measures and calculates in three dimensions so that, unlike other applications, the crash plane is not assumed to be level and homogenous. There is nothing you need to do differently. Momentum Genius does it for you – automatically – and reports it back to you.