easy diagramming

Redefining Easy

Diagramming is an easy task in FARO Reality. The user is armed with several drawing tools that are easy to identify and even easier to use.
drawing tools Tabs within the interface are designed with clear-cut graphics that make it incredibly easy for users to identify the tools and have an immediate grasp of their functions.

Using Models

The model tab's icons prompt the user to select a category to find a desired model. The model library is constantly being added to and updates are provided free for FARO Reality users.


Point Code Library

Save time with the Point Code Library. Once total station points have been imported, user-defined models can be assigned to those points based on their descriptions. Those models will then automatically appear on the scene at the desired locations.

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Easy Editing

Most items on a scene may be edited by simply clicking on the object. Users can intuitively edit the object's properties such as: color, thickness, transparency, orientation, etc. Simply click on an item to bring up its properties and adjust the values as desired.

Editing lines is also easily accomplished through the use of 'grips'. The grip system in FARO Reality is simple and consistent.



2D diagrams drawn precisely to scale remain the most important deliverable for any crash investigation. Only FARO HD will print diagrams to a large format and retain crisp lines while printing 3D models in realistic detail.

2D crash diagram generated using FARO Reality.