Total Terrain

Integrating Google Earth Images

Our Total Terrain tool's use of Google Earth makes it easy to acquire an aerial photo to integrate into a scene.

aras earth with points

Once an aerial photo and total station points are imported and scaled, you are ready to create your scene. The combination of the total station points and the aerial imagery enhances the scene into a 3D digital terrain model with the simple click of a button.

Download this movie to better understand the FARO Total Terrain component of FARO Reality.

Total Terrain Mesh

The wireframe mesh becomes part of the animation and simulation system. It enables a quick reconstruction process that makes scene building incredibly quick and easy.

wireframe mesh

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Easy Editing

Using FARO Reality's car removal tool, unwanted objects like cars, shadows, and pedestrians are effortlessly removed from your aerial image. And, you don't need to know how to use Photoshop. Editing the ground plane is a snap with the tools provided to change both the color and texture. Even the sky can be edited using the skybox tool.

aras earth with vehicles

aras earth no vehicles

Animating a Vehicle

To animate a vehicle on a scene, you have the ability to use the animation terrain following. The vehicle will follow the terrain perfectly, constantly finding the mesh, wheel by wheel, while in motion.

terrain follow

When a path is changed, the tire marks are immediately displayed. The program has a small simulator built into its animation engine to find the ground surface which allows models to automatically pitch and roll thoughout the scene.