3D Animation


Working with animation is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and powerful animation engine:

  • Real 3D - Full time
  • Instant 3D model editing and placement
  • Google Earth terrain modelling
  • Instant animation path creation
  • Multiple synchronized impacts
  • Complex vehicle motion modelling
  • Weather effects including rain, snow, and fog
  • 3D animation path editing

Advanced technology allows FARO Reality users to generate powerful real time three dimensional animations in minutes. For the first time, users can work in 3D while generating their animations. Unlike other applications, FARO Reality allows users to create 3D spline paths as well as linear and arc paths.


Our animation engine allows unlimited synchronization points which eliminates hours of frustration when dealing with multiple impact animations.


Loaded with Advanced Features

From realistic car headlights, to animated weather effects, to displaying damage, there is a lot under the hood of our animation engine. Creating a scene is a snap with the FARO library: from stone walls to road signs, we have tapped every opportunity for realistic scene creation.

Create a powerful animation and an accurate scene, then generate detailed and professional reports, record your animation, and create a PDF for printing.

Navigating in our 3D Environment is Easy

The FARO Reality interface has been designed specifically to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use environment. FARO Reality offers a clean, tab-based layout, point and click object editing, and a simple and consistent grip system. Easy navigation means powerful results in a fraction of the time.

collision animation

The time it takes to import points into FARO Reality and then illustrate, animate, and analyze any incident is hours less than with any other product. No more switching back and forth between 2D and 3D - do it all in 3D to allow precise model positioning and easy editing.

FARO Reality has thought of everything to make your job easier while producing more professional-looking results.


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