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How does a 3D Laser Scanner work?
The future is friendly! Using a 3D laser scanner is a painless process and results in a highly accurate 3D point cloud which can be used to reconstruct crash and crime scenes with astonishing reality. In a nutshell, the process can be broken down as follows:
  1. The scanner sends a laser out to the reflecting target and calculates the time it takes for the laser to be reflected back - this process also calculates the distance between the scanner and the reflecting target.
  2. The scanner "scans" the entire space to get a full 3D picture via the collection of millions of measurements called a point cloud; your crash or crime scene is preserved for forever.
  3. The resulting point cloud includes the important  data that can be used for forensic reconstruction. This will include skid marks, bullet holes, blood stains, etc.
  4. Using the native scanner software, the point cloud data is registered to create a 3D replica of the space.

The forensic industry is excited by the recent software release of Reality, by ARAS 360 Technologies. Only Reality is capable of processing giant point cloud scans quickly and easily while filling the "gap" between what the native scanner software offers for forensics and what you NEED to get your job done; professional results - every time - and an effective return on your scanner investment.  


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Check out what Reality can do with a point cloud scan!
Crush Calculations in ONE Minute
Reality, by ARAS 360 Technologies saves you time and helps make your job easier!
One example...
calculate crush volume painlessly!
Enormous Point Clouds
Only Reality, by ARAS 360 Technologies
allows users to import & work within point clouds with up to 2 BILLION scan points.
All with only 64 GB of RAM.

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