Automatic Crush Calculation

See how easy it is to automate crush calculation with Reality

crushCrush calculation is a vital part of any accident reconstruction. You can’t paint an accurate picture of what happened unless you know exactly how much of the vehicle has been damaged.

But despite the fact that technology has advanced, we’re still calculating crush volume the old-fashioned way, by hand. We’re taking multiple measurements at the scene and doing tedious calculations to get a mathematical approximation.

Thanks to modern technology however, this no longer needs to be the case.

Point cloud scans allow us to do incredibly accurate crush calculation without manually taking measurements. When you set up your laser scanner you’re taking millions of measurements in the scene. The data is already there, you just need the software to access it.

Reality, by ARAS 360 Technologies, is the only software that will automatically calculate your crush volume from a point cloud scan, and the entire process takes less than a minute with no measurements at the scene.

Simply overlay one of the accurate 3D models from ARAS’ extensive library overtop of the damaged vehicle, select the damaged area on the vehicle and hit go.

Reality then determines the difference in distance between where the points are in the point cloud and where they should be in the undamaged model, resulting in a highly accurate crush calculation with minimal effort. Reality, and 3D scanners, have given us the ability to do crush calculations without physical measurements, saving time both at the scene and in the lab.

What’s your time worth?

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